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Sound and Vibration Instrument Hire and Calibration

Sound Power Measurement


We hire sound power level meters, supplied by the leading manufacturers and have the most comprehensive range in the UK.

Sound Power Level measurements are often made to label or test equipment that produces noise as a by-product, be it a food mixer or a large gas turbine.
Sound Intensity is an alternative measurement technique.
Some customer have their own meter and just need to hire a sound source.
Sound Power Standards : BS EN ISO 3740, 3741, 3743, 3744, 3745, 3746, 3747 and 6926

See also : Sound Power and Sound Intensity Definitions, Terms, Units and Parameters

B&K 2260E : Bruel & Kjaer Sound Intensity Analyser £ 42 a day *
Bruel & Kjaer Sound Power Meter

Bruel & Kjaer hand-held 2260 meter with the BZ 7205 intensity software.

One person can make sound intensity measurements. Powerful combination of 2260 Investigator, BZ 7205 software and 3595 Sound Intensity Probe Kit enables sound intensity measurements for sound power, source location and sound reduction tests.

B&K 2260E Sound Intensity Analyser - details

Customers with their own 2260 Investigator can hire the BZ 7205 software

B&K 4205 : Bruel & Kjaer Sound Power Source £ 25 a day *
Sound Power Source

Battery operated reference sound power source for use in A-weighted and octave band sound power measurements using the :-

Comparison or the
Juxta position methods
The system may also be used for Absorption and Reverberation time measurements.
B&K 4205 Sound Power Source - details

Nor 118+ : Norsonic Sound Power Level Measurements £ 32 a day *
Norsonic 118+ Sound Power Meter
All our Nor 118+ precision sound analysers are fitted with the sound power and the reverberation time options and are therefore suitable for -
Engineering and Survey measurements of the LwA - A-weighted sound power levels.
Sound power measurements according to BS 4196, BS EN ISO 3746
CE-marking of new products
Nor 118 + Sound Power Meter details
* Our standard hire charges are based on a 4-day minimum period, details other options

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