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For customers who need more detailed information, we provide

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This page, where we provide some additional notes on a variety of topics. They are mainly in PDF format so may be download to your PC to read 'off-line' or opened directly in your browser.
B&K 2250 : Memory Logging Capacity 32 KB xls file

Simple MS Excel Spreadsheet that helps with estimating the amount of memory a particular measurement will require.

To download click here

B&K 2260 : Memory Estimator 91 KB xls file

Simple MS Excel Spreadsheet that helps with estimating the amount of memory a particular measurement will require.

To download click here

Building Acoustics and Room Acoustic Measurements 900 KB pdf file
Bruel & Kjaer publication providing a brief explanation of the following topics:-
Sound in Rooms
Reverberation Time
Sound Distribution
and more .....,
To download click here
Environmental Noise Assessment - Pure Tones 113 KB pdf file

Most people find noise more annoying if it contains audible tones, so it has been the common practice to add a dB penalty, based on a simple subjective assessment. In 1992 the Germans proposed the DIN 45681 which resulted in ISO 1996-2 and the equivalent BS 7445-2

To read the Norsonic article Quantification of Tonal Penalties in Environmental Noise Assessments which also describes how the Nor 110 and Nor 121 analysers measure the tonal values, click here. See also the B&K 2250 Tone Assessment Analyser.
Measuring Extremely Low Sound Levels 412 KB pdf file
Norsonic 840 Real Time Sound Analyser

Sometimes you need to measure sound pressure levels below the inherent noise of even the best sound level meters.

Levels below 0 dB may be measured using two microphones, a Nor 1264 preamplifier holder and a Nor 840 real time analyser.

To download the Low Level Measurement Note click here.

RASTI : Measurements and Applications 1.78 MB pdf file

Describes the RASTI Method and the basic operation of the b&K 3361 RASTI System. It then goes on the describe the measurement of Speech Intelligibility in some Open-plan Offices. The next section describes some practical RASTI measurements in the Newman Auditorium. Followed by the Evaluation of a sound reinforcement system.

To download the RASTI Measurement and Applications Note, right click here and select Save

RASTI : Speech Privacy 2.54 MB pdf file

A Bruel & Kjaer Application Notes describing the use of the B&K 3361 RASTI system to measure unintelligibility or speech privacy, rather than the common use of establishing the speech intelligibility.

To download the RASTI - Determination of Speech Privacy, click here

Sound Power Measurements 590 KB pdf file
The Nor 116 Precision Sound Level Meter fitted with option 8 is suitable for
Engineering and Survey measurements of the LwA - A-weighted sound power levels.
Sound power measurements according to BS EN ISO 3740 and BS EN ISO 3746.
CE marking of new products.

To download the Sound Power Application Note, click here

USB - RS232 (Com Port) Connector Driver 3.1 MB exe file

Some of our equipment does not have a USB connector, but uses an RS 232 Serial Port connector. Many new PCs and Laptops do not have this type of connector, so we are providing a connector in order to allow you to download data, etc. When you plug this connector in to your USB port, you may be asked to install a driver. This depends on whether your computer is already configured to accept these type of devices. If you require a driver, then you can download it from our web-site using this link. For support purposes the connector is based on the Prolific chip set.

To download a the driver install program- click here

Vibration Accelerometers : Piezoelectric - Theory and Application 113 KB pdf file

This handy booklet outlines the advantages and drawbacks of piezoelectric accelerometers, as well as the design. It also discusses mounting, cabling and other practical considerations.

To download a copy click here

Vibration Analysis using a Sound Level Meter 21 KB pdf file

Gracey & Associates stock a wide range of vibration analysers. However it's worth remembering that a sound level meter will also measure vibration if the microphone can be replaced with an accelerometer. Many sound level meters are suitable, so we hire adaptors for this purpose. The article also deals with converting the sound level meter dB scale to vibration units.

To download click here

Vibration Conversion Chart - dB to Engineering Units 26 KB pdf file

Vibration Conversion Chart to read off vibration levels and other engineering units from a sound level meter.

To download click here

Vibration Nomogram 37 KB pdf file

Vibration Conversion Chart: acceleration to velocity and displacement, velocity to acceleration and displacement etc., this handy chart can make life much easier - click here

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