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Bruel & Kjaer 3595 Sound Intensity Microphone

B&K Sound Intensity probe

The B&K 2260E has been withdrawn, the following details are for reference purposes.

B&K 3595 : Sound Intensity Probe Kit  
Type 3595 is a two-microphone probe kit for measuring sound intensity, specifically designed for use with 2260 Investigator™ Hand-held Sound Intensity System.
The probe set includes the 1/2" Sound Intensity Microphone Pair Type 4197 enabling 1/3-octave centre frequency measurements between 20 Hz and 6.3 kHz.
Extending the upper 1/3-octave centre frequency to 10 kHz can be achieved using pressure correction.
Sound Intensity measurements using two-microphone technique : IEC 1043 Class 1
Sound Power measurements : BS EN ISO 9614-2, ECMA 160 and ANSI S 12-12
Microphone pair matched for phase and amplitude response
Individual calibration data
1/3-octave centre frequency ranges
20 Hz to  10 kHz with corrections
50 Hz to 6.3 kHz in accordance to IEC 1043 class 1
Minimal shadow and diffraction effects
Well-defined acoustical microphone separation
Specially designed for use with 2260E Hand-held Sound Intensity System
Used with 1/2" Microphone pair Type 4197, the probe complies with IEC 1043 Class 1. These 1/2" microphones feature patented phase-corrector units making precision low-frequency phase matching a practical possibility, leading to increased measurement range and accuracy
To measure sound intensity accurately using a two-microphone technique, you need a reliable sound intensity probe set containing a matched microphone pair to obtain information on both the instantaneous pressure and pressure gradient in the sound field. The microphones are separated by a fixed distance in the sound field, and the microphone signals are fed to a sound intensity processor which calculates the sound intensity. The sound intensity is calculated from the time average of the sound pressure multiplied by the particle velocity (calculated from the measured pressure gradient). Such a system measures the component of the sound intensity along the probe axis and also indicates the direction of energy flow
Probe Description
The sound intensity probe is constructed on a face-to-face design. It consists of a robust frame which holds the microphone preamplifier(s) and matched microphones in a face-to-face configuration. The distance between the microphones is defined by solid plastic spacers which are held in place by threaded studs on the microphone grids. Sound is constrained to act on each microphone through a narrow slit between the spacer and the microphone grid. This arrangement gives well-defined acoustic separation of the microphones and minimizes shadow and reflection effects.
The probe is strong but lightweight and can be held using either a handle with integral cable ≈ 2 m long, ending in a 10-pin Lemo plug or with an extension rod. The probe can be connected to 2260 Investigator via a cable or an extension rod. All the probe sets are supplied in transport cases containing a microphone pair, windscreen (ellipsoidal) and accessories.
The case has pockets to accommodate 2260 Investigator, a Sound Level Calibrator Type 4231 and other small accessories.
Type 3595 is supplied with 1/2" Sound Intensity Microphone Match Pair Type 4197, 200 V polarisation voltage.
Sound Intensity Matched Pairs
Phase matching of the 1/2" microphone pair Type 4197 is better than 0.05 ° between 20 Hz and 250 Hz, and is better than f/5000 degrees at higher frequencies, where f is the frequency. Such phase matching is possible as a result of the integral microphone phase-corrector units (patented) which are fitted to the 4197 microphones. The normalized microphone frequency responses differ by less than 0.2dB up to 1 kHz and by less than 0.4 dB up to 7.1 kHz
Type 4197 is supplied with 8.5 mm, 12 mm and 50 mm spacers. Calibration data provided include phase matching up to a 1/3-octave centre frequency of 6.3 kHz, microphone sensitivities at 250 Hz, actuator responses and individual free-field frequency responses valid for the microphones mounted on a 1/4" preamplifier.
B&K 3595 Manufacturers' Specifications

Accessories Included

B&K 4197Microphone Pair including 8.5 mm, 12 mm, and 50 mm spacers
B&K 2683Dual Preamplifier
B&K AO 0522Adaptor Lemo for Jack plug
B&K DP 0888Coupler
B&K HT 0015Earphones
B&K UA 0781Ellipsoidal Windscreen
B&K UA 1439Extension Stem
B&K UA 1440Handle with Integral Cable
B&K KE 0379Carrying Case

Other Accessories Available

B&K 4231Sound Calibrator - class 1
B&K 4297 Sound Intensity Calibrator
B&K AO 0441 Cable - probe extension - 10-pin Lemo

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