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Noise Monitoring Equipment Hire


Full range of certified noise monitors and monitoring equipment available for hire now, supplied by the leading manufacturers. For noise at work, environmental noise, background noise etc., in accordance with British and ISO Standards.

For routine noise level monitoring the B&K 2238 and the Norsonic 116 are the most popular.

Where frequency analysis and other advanced options are required, the B&K 2250, Nor 118, Nor 140 and NTi-XL2 multi-function analysers are recommended, see our Noise Meter Comparison Chart.

For outdoor and longer term measurements, we have environmental noise monitoring kits, with a Bruel & Kjaer or the GRAS equivalent Class 1 weather-proof microphones and meter enclosures with rechargeable batteries. We also hire Anemometers and Weather Stations.

For 'secure' noise nuisance monitoring and recording, inside the complainants property we have the B&K Matron 3 systems.

Instruments are listed by manufacturer, click a blue link for more details, calibrators and other accessories.

Alternatively call 01234 708835 to discus your application.

Noise Monitoring Equipment for Hire - Class 1 Precision Grade Daily Hire *
B&K 2238 : Bruel & Kjaer Noise Monitor
also available
Noise Monitoring Kits
£ 17
B&K 2250 : Bruel & Kjaer Multi-function Monitor
options available
Noise Monitoring Kits
Matron 3 - Noise Nuisance Monitor and Recording Systems.
£ 25
Nor 116 : Norsonic Noise Level Monitor
see also
Noise Monitoring Kits
£ 12
Nor 118 : Norsonic Multi-function Noise Monitor
also available
Noise Monitoring Kits
£ 22
Nor 118+ Norsonic Multi-function Noise Monitor
Noise Monitoring Kits
£ 32
Nor 140 : Norsonic Advanced Noise Monitor
available options
Noise Monitoring Kits
£ 25
NTi XL2 : NTi Audio multi-function analyser
also available
XL2 Noise Monitoring Kits
£ 25

See also our full range of Sound Level Meters

* Our standard hire charges are based on a 4-day minimum period, details and options

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