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Miscellaneous Instrumentation Hire


Miscellaneous sound and vibration equipment, not included in the main sections

All our meters, microphones, accelerometers etc., are delivered with current calibration certificates, traceable to UKAS. Our ISO 9001 laboratory is audited by British Standards and we are Sponsor Members of the Institute of Acoustics.

Gracey & Associates are an independent organisation with over 40 years experience of sound and vibration solutions.

Hire is the cost effective solution with overnight access to the latest and best instrumentation.

This section deals with miscellaneous instruments but we also have a wide range of cables and other useful items. We have brought them together under miscellaneous accessories.

B&K 4128 : Head and Torso Simulator £120 a day*
Bruel & Kjaer Microphones

The Head and Torso Simulator (HATS) Type 4128-C consists of a head mounted on a torso, representing the international average dimensions of a human adult. In airborne acoustic measurements it provides the correct simulation of the acoustic field around a human head and torso.

Testing of headphones
Evaluation of close-talking/noise-cancelling microphones
Measurements on telephone headsets and hands-free communication devices
Measurements on mobile and domestic telephones
In-situ/insertion measurements on hearing aids
Testing of hearing protectors

B&K 4128 details

Davis : Weather Station £ 7 a day *

Davis Weather Station

The Davis weather stations provides accurate, reliable weather monitoring in a self-contained, easy-to-install system. All the weather data you need.

The outdoor sensor sets up in minutes and starts sending data wirelessly to the console housed in the weather protected enclosure supplied.

Davis Weather Station details

Kestrel 2000 : Pocket Weather Meter- Anemometer £ 1 a day *
Kestrel Anemometer
Small battery operated field unit.
Three button control with clear digital display
Wind Speed
Maximum and Minimum Wind Speed
Wind Chill

Kestrel 2000 details

Metra KS76 : Accelerometer Kit £ 4 a day *

Metra KS76 Accelerometer

Metra KS 76 are general purpose IEPE accelerometers, supplied with a range of accessories.

Ideal for use with a B&K 2250 meter which has built-in engineering units.

May be supplied with the FFT option for narrow band analysis - more details

NTi XL2 : STIPA - Speech Intelligibility Meter £ 29 a day *
NTi XL2 STIPA Speech Intelligibility option

STIPA Measurement with XL2 Analyser : the XL2 analyser measures the speech intelligibility according to the latest revision of standard BS EN 60268-16:2011, current and older editions. It includes ambient noise correction and automated averaging of measurements.

The XL2 displays the measurement results as STI or as CIS results, accompanied by the individual levels and modulation indices of the seven octave bands.

NTi XL2 STIPA - speech intelligibility meter details and kits


This next section includes instruments and accessories, once very popular but now superseded by more modern instruments. However we do still get requests for them, so include them here - in a simple listing with links.

Type No. : Bruel & Kjaer   Miscellaneous Equipment Daily Hire *
B&K 2639 : 1/2" preamplifier with 1.5 m cable to B&K 7-pin 'short' plug £   3
AO 0027 : Cable - microphone extension - 7-pin B&K,   3 m £   2
AO 0028 : Cable - microphone extension - 7-pin B&K, 10 m £   3
AO 0507 : Cable - 4419 [3361] RASTI system to 2138 graphics printer £   1
DB 2609 : Adaptor - 7-pin preamplifier 'new' socket extension - old long plugs £   1
JE 0002 : Adaptor - B&K 7-pin short plug extension to fit old long sockets £   1
JP 0028 : Adaptor - 10-32 UNF accelerometer socket to B&K 7-pin plug £   1
ZF 0020 : Microphone attenuator - 20 dB for 4155 microphones £   2
ZG 0350 : Adaptor - see Nor 1409  

Norsonic : Miscellaneous Equipment Daily Hire *
Nor 1409 : Adaptor - Lemo 1B socket to 7-pin B&K plug £   1
Nor 1411 : ICP adaptor - 7-pin B&K [120 V] plug to BNC [24 V] socket - see Nor 1505 £   2
* Our standard hire charges are based on a 4-day minimum period, details other options

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