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Reverberation Time Meters

Nor 223 Dodecahedron Loudspeaker

Reverberation Time is essential for describing the acoustic quality of rooms or large spaces. It is the most important parameter for describing Speech Intelligibility and the perception of music and is used to correct or normalise Sound Insulation and Sound Power measurements.

Reverberation Time is also useful for calculating the noise reduction in offices and factories if additional Sound Absorption materials were to be introduced.
See our Reverberation Measurement Notes

We stock a range of Reverberation Time Meters, supplied by the leading manufacturers and delivered with a current calibration certificate


Reverberation Time Meters available for hire now :

B&K 2250 : Bruel & Kjaer sound analyser with reverberation time software
Nor 118+ : Norsonic sound analyser with option 09 reverberation time software
NTi XL2 : NTi Audio Reverberation Time meter

We also stock Noise Generators / Power Amplifiers and Dodecahedron Loudspeakers - 120 dB, available individually or in kits with all the accessories and software for fully automated measurements in accordance with the relevant British & ISO Standards.

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* Our standard hire charges are based on a 4-day minimum period, details other options