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Noise Nuisance Recorder

Bruel & Kjaer Noise Nuisance Meter

Noise Nuisance usually concerns neighbourhood noise, when a resident is disturbed by noise from a neighbour or a local commercial or industrial premises. Before any action can be taken the first step is always to establish if a reasonable case of Noise Nuisance exists.

This requires the measurement of both the 'nuisance' noise levels and the background noise using a calibrated precision sound level meter like the B&K 2236 or Norsonic 116.

For more detailed measurements, analysis and audio recoding options see the B&K 2250 multi-function sound analyser, the Norsonic 118 and 140 meters or the NTi Xl2 systems

For Noise Nuisance Measurements inside a complainants property we have the 'secure' B&K Matron 3 Noise Nuisance Recording, systems for hire and extensively used by many Environmental Health Authorities.

See also our full list of Sound Level Meters and measurement options

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